Colonıal ıs here!


Okay… Now it is time for you to learn the magical development of COLONIAL.

COLONIAL was born from the ashes of a team that has been through a tragedy. This has turned into such a deep agony that you cannot imagine.

Anyway, let’s go back to our real story.

COLONIAL adventure started exactly 3 years ago. This grueling process made us feel like we were in a movie. Sadness, financial problems, excitements, funny moments, waiting, mental wars, struggle, loss of motivation, being tired mentally, and nights without sleep had already gained us lots of experience, and faith.

As you can see from the preview of KICKSTARTER, the beginning story of COLONIAL started with this slogan: ‘’Make your dreams a fantasy, and your fantasy a reality.’’ As you can see from the slogan, this masterpiece, adapted from our teammate ARSLAN’S dream and memory book, has turned into a box game called COLONIAL.

Believe us, this adaptation was not easy. Detailed research about box games, drawing day and night, graphic adjustments, meetings with game development experts, patent stages, test stages, player comments, modifications made according to the received feedback, choosing high quality materials, and their adjustment, searching the practicality within the industry etc. made this process last 3 years.

Our first aim within this journey that starts by building a box game is to always design the best product, put our supporters at the top of the process by pursuing the same dream and crown ourselves after all the hard work with the result all together.

Now it is your time to crown this process, and pursue the story…

And finally, we are counting down together for the KICKSTARTER.

Lastly, even there are some fine lines in life, our strategies in the end decide our faith. COLONIAL is designed for you to notice this. Are you ready to develop the classic trading mentality and show your difference with COLONIAL?

If you are ready… Let’s start.

colonıal team

our team

Aziz Kaan ARSLAN

GM – Faunder – Game Desıgner – screenwrıter

Burçin akçay

costume &

mask desıgner

emirhan kılıç

Graphıes desıgner – ıllustrator

creatıve dırector

Huriye Eslem Baki

concept artıst

Mohammed Khalifa

vıdeograpgher – vıdeo edıtor


Pınar Taslı

ıllustrator – graphıes desıgner