Colonıal ıs here!


Colonial is a trading game. It has an order that is understandable, has a systematic financial order, strategies are at the forefront and the flow is constantly changing throughout the game. Unlike other trading games, the fact that luck succumbs to strategy and the combinations that can be applied on the way to victory reveals our difference.


(“The important rule in entrepreneurship is to find the right field and take sure steps on this path.”)

These are 1. the stage is waiting for you.


(“In investment, the important rule is to make investments in the right areas by following the current order, without wasting money”) These are waiting for you in the 2nd stage.


(“You are now a baron and the opportunity to earn money is in your hands”) You will feel this in the 3rd stage.


Exploring Colonial may seem simple, but the game will continually surprise you with up-to-date and exciting challenges and possibilities. The unique Guerrilla Colonial mechanic lets you control your opponents’ moves.



*Easy setup.


*+12 Years

*No installation costs


Lots of Adrenaline

*Unique strategies

*Ingenious plans and bluffs

*Variety of moves

*Use your resources wisely

*Pawn traits that will bring you mental luck


Fate Factor

*With the destiny cards, the game flow changes in an instant.

*The dice of fate can create momentary crisis environments and strategies can change direction.



*Destiny cards and dice can ensure equality in the game at any time.

*Fair competition by auction.

*Fair match.