Colonıal ıs here!


COLONIAL’s Development Process

1st month

Examination of the dream and memory book

Research for practicality

The process of consulting the experts of the area

Examining the box games in general

2-3rd month

Starting the meetings with the game development experts

Transferring the notebook and the drawings into a digital media

Laying a foundation for COLONIAL with the main team

3-5th month

Finishing the drawings of COLONIAL in the digital media

Starting the visual and graphic works of the game

5-8th month

Making the game reach to the first printing stage and testing it within the approval stage

Starting the analyze of the criticism, comments, feedback and finding a solution

Graphic tests after printing

Finishing the stage after multiple adjustments of the design

8-12th month

Starting the financial process of COLONIAL with the help of the memory book.

Completion of economical balance and financial process for the game over a long process

Starting the second test stage for the game

Completion of all printing process and preparation for printworks

Calculating the first stage’s cost

12-16th month

Designing and producing the ornamental materials

‘’this process was very hard and costly for us. Until finding the latest version, pawns, building towers, and sandglass have been tested repeatedly (we can say at least infinity times). Choosing materials, brand preferences, design options, time factor, testing the proportions have played a big role in this process.’’

2nd prototypes of the ornamental materials have been presented and tested by the first players and game development expert and redesigning process has been started.

started with the received feedback.

User’s guide has been finalized.

COLONIAL has been printed for the first time before Kickstarter presentation.

18th month

Production of 100 boxes has been started and completed.

19th month

Applications for the brand, patent, patent for the design, and copy right have been made.

20-26th month

Analyzes have been made amongst our players and another group of players.

Plan of the process has been prepared.

Designing the character’s clothes, masks, and their equipment has been completed.

First shooting for the preview has been made.


Copy right has been taken for the brand patent and design patent.

The last decision for when KICKSTARTER and COLONIAL meet has been made.


KICKSTARTER preparation within the last 6 months

planning and distribution of tasks

calculating the cost

preparation for the website and social media accounts

Preparation of the script

Finalizing the last versions of mask, clothes, and characters

Completing the equipment and shooting materials

Shooting for the KICKSTARTER preview video, and additional clips

Finishing the editing process

Making translation adjustments

Starting NFT drawings for Opensea platform

Completion of choosing gifts

Creating KICKSTARTER launch page… loading